11 Self-Love Strategies to Transform Your Life (Video Presentation)

Did you know that self-love can transform your life? It’s true. In my presentation last week through the Center for Healthy Sex, I shared 11 self-love strategies that are potentially life-changing for those who practice them. While my presentation has a recovery focus, I recommend it to everyone because it presents science-based strategies and specific skills that can help all of us live deeper and happier lives.

As you’ll see, loving self-connection is not only essential for recovery, it is foundational to connecting with others. In this talk, I shared candidly from my own journey from self-abandonment to self-love. I also shared some of the best skills I’ve come across, that are part of the Life After Lust program and that have helped me and my clients in difficult times.

On a personal level, this presentation helped me return to myself in a profound way. I am delighted to have this experience in the same season as my 15 year recovery anniversary (March 17). One way I celebrate this milestone is by giving you some of the best lessons I’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ll invest the time in your own growth and watch Life After Lust: Self-Connection Skills for Long-Term Recovery soon. Don’t miss the practical and powerful talk.

Wishing you all a strengthened recovery and the courage to connect compassionately with yourself,

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

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