Find Safety

Dear Friend,
These are scary times, aren’t they? With so many unknowns, how can anyone feel safe? None of us have been through a pandemic before. How can we know for sure how to react? How can know if we are over-reacting or under-reacting? There is so much uncertainty. Where is the calm in the storm?

It is possible to find peace in this pandemic. It is not always easy. But I believe it can be done. It has to be done. If we do not find a sense of safety in these uncertain times, we will react in many addictive, impulsive, and destructive ways.

Think about how you might find such peace. 

I take time to listen to my scared parts (like this). I not only listen, but respond to them with tenderness, compassion, and care. After such self-care, my triggered parts feel comforted. Then, I can go back into the world not in a reactive stance but from a centered place of peace. I need to do this as much as I need to do this. 

I hope you’ll find your own place of safety. Not in numbing, superficial, or distracting ways. But deep down, where your terrified parts cower in fear. They need to know that no matter how crazy the outer world gets, the inner world can feel safe again.

They can feel safe in arms of love. Your arms. 

Wishing you compassion, calmness, and clarity.

-Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP
IFS Trained

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