The Pursuit of Greatness


In this season of my life I am fueled by great pursuits. As a newly published author, I am reaching to new heights, striving to make a significant splash in the world. That is why I love the recent message by Erwin McManus called The Drive for Greatness. Addressing this topic from a spiritual perspective, McManus challenges Christians to rise above the status quo. There is nothing Christian about living a mediocre existence. Instead, we can run our race as someone striving to win the prize. Seeking this type of excellence, we can achieve our potential and purpose.

Listen to this powerful message here (Starting at 39:30):

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The Dreams of God

“You were a dream in the mind of God before you were a fetus in your mother or an infant in the arms of your father. God imagined you. He dreamed you up. And he knew you. He didn’t just think of you. He knew you…Can you imagine how God dreamed when he dreamed of you before you took your first breath?

If we were a dream of God before we took our first breath, shouldn’t we live out the dreams of God before we live out our last breath?

This is what it means to live by faith.”

-Erwin McManus

The Unknown Path and the Known Presence

“The God of light insists on traveling into dark places; the God of peace continuously involves Himself in the wars of men; the God who is good engages the depth of human evil. The only God who can deliver and save at the cost of His own life journeys into the dungeon of human lostness to set free those who would relinquish their chains for life in Him. To follow Jesus is to enter the unknown, to relinquish security, and to exchange certainty for confidence in Him.”

-Seizing Your Divine Moment, Erwin McManus

“Those who know the Lord trust him.” Psalm 9:10

May we all have the courage to trust the One whose path is uncertain but who is certainly with us.

Called into Uncertainty

A book that God has used tremendously throughout the history of my life is called Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin Raphael McManus. I came across some great quotes thing morning that I’d like to share with you:

“He calls us out of comfort into uncertainty. Faith is all about character, trusting in the character of God, being certain in who God is and following Him into the unknown.”

“One of the wonders of uncertainty is that it is an environment in which God invites us to be creative. The journey, which can be described as one from comfort to uncertainty, is intended to be an adventure from calling to creativity.”

“Don’t look for God to fill in all the blanks. Don’t wait for Him to remove all the uncertainty. Realize He may actually increase the uncertainty and leverage all the odds against you, just so that you will know in the end that it wasn’t your gifts but His power through your gifts that fulfilled His purpose for your life.”

“First-dimension faith is not only about trusting the character of God, but also about transforming your character. Much of first-dimension faith is about doing the right thing regardless of the circumstance or consequence. It is about having the faith that God will be with you when you do what’s right.”

 “If everything else remains uncertain, be clear on this point: there is a calling on your life.”

– Seizing Your Divine Moment, Erwin Raphael McManus

Becoming Big Dreamers

Last night I was preparing for a community presentation by connecting with God and seeking inspiration. This short video profoundly motivated me. It pumped me up for living in alignment with my dreams….then I went out and did just that. In this video, Erwin McManus shares this challenge:

“What’s the dream burning inside of your soul right now? I fear that so many of us that are followers of Christ have chosen a path that is filled with faithfulness, it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not filled with faith….(Imagine) if we stepped out of this place and got some time alone with God and began to ask God to breathe into us a dream so big it overwhelms us. And we allowed Him to change who we are through that dream. And then began to create in us that world first.”

May we all invest in this kind of God-time today, letting our Maker breathe magnificent dreams into us. Grounded in God’s inspiration, may we move forward with God in the co-creation of something miraculous in this world.

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Forest Benedict