The Life After Lust Program

Have your shame, secrets, and sexually compulsive behaviors led to personal or relational devastation? Are you a partner feeling deep disappointment and loss of hope? Do you need help rebuilding your relationships and life? If so, I would be honored to be your guide. I have helped many individuals and couples in crisis experience healing and I am eager to help you as well. I know it is intimidating beginning this journey. I was once there myself. I also know that recovery from sexual addiction and trauma are worth the effort. Healing is possible. There is hope.

You are an individual with a unique story and I believe your recovery experience should also be unique, based on your wounds, needs, behavior, and current situation. Maybe you’ve experienced an addiction that is rooted in trauma or maybe you weren’t traumatized but continue to act out compulsively. Maybe a faith-based program is a high priority for you or maybe you’d prefer an approach that is not spiritually-focused. Maybe you’re single or maybe you’re on the verge of separation, feeling lost with how to care for your traumatized partner. Maybe you are the traumatized partner. Maybe you’re addicted to pornography or maybe you’ve escalated into more self-destructive behavior. All of these unique experiences are important, thus the Life After Lust Program is customized for you. After your initial assessment, I will create a unique recovery plan for you, based on my years of recovery experience and expertise in the field of sexual addiction treatment.

The Life After Lust program is fully online and available to adults residing in California (here is a resource available worldwide). The addict portion of the program is available for female and male sex and pornography addicts (separately). The partner part of the program is for those in relationship with the addict. The program is a one year experience that includes weekly therapy groups, personal challenges, experiential exercises, and structure that supports long-term recovery. Topics that will be addressed in the addict program include the neuroscience of addiction and recovery, shame, lust, fantasy, rebuilding trust, and connection. The partner program helps partners heal, cope, and connect with their worth. Life After Lust and other top-notch resources are utilized in the program.

Each person interested in the Life After Lust program must first be assessed by me to determine if they are the right fit and they are ready for the commitment. Click here or email me at to schedule an assessment session. For those interested in the program but anxious about participating in a group, click here to learn why people fear group work and how beneficial it can be. For those wanting to learn more about the online therapy experience, click here. I also have openings to see clients individually or as a couple.

The Life After Lust online program is for individuals serious about embarking on their heroic journey of recovery from sexual addiction and partner trauma. This powerful program provides a structured, effective, and confidential group experience. Contact me now to book your online assessment to determine if this program is the right fit for you. Join the well-worn path of those who have battled before you. It is time to rise up and live the life you are meant to live. It is time to rise up and live out life after lust.

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