The Negligence of a Mediocre Life

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“I think it’s your natural responsibility to be great. For you not to do whatever it takes to learn how to run your mind like a superstar and to make this your absolute best year yet, for you not to invest in becoming the person you know you’re meant to be, for you to play small with your life, for you to go to work and coast, for you not to do things that are difficult, for you not to lean into your fear, for you not to read, for you not to invest in your learning, for you not to populate your life with people who are better thinkers than you….is being out of integrity. It is being out of integrity to you, to your family, and to the world….You have a personal obligation, as do I, to be the best human being and to express the gifts and the talents you were born with. And if you don’t do that because you’ve fallen into mediocrity or because you’ve bought a bill of goods that the world has sold you that you’re average, that you’re ordinary, that the Beckhams and the Mandela’s are somehow different from you…well, that’s just not true. And you are breaching your own integrity and your own responsibility…the world is a (lesser) place and your family is less happy because you’re not living at your best.” – Robin Sharma

For some, such a mindset is liberating and empowering. Others may feel repelled by this rationale, resisting the idea of personal greatness, believing it is prideful or unchristian. For me, these words suffuse a similar scent as Jesus’ teaching on the “Parable of the Talents“? This parable has deeply motivated me in the past and I believe its truth is for us all. We have an obligation to God, to ourselves, and to all of humanity to take what we’ve been given and multiply it for God’s glory and for the good of mankind. We step into sin when we take this responsibility lightly. May we all learn to live in integrity as we embrace the life we were created to live, maximizing the gifts on loan from God. When we do, the whole world will be blessed.

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Forest Benedict