One word describes the impact of sexual betrayal on a partner – trauma. Over the past few years of leading partners through recovery, I’ve learned a lot about their unique experience and challenges. If you have experienced betrayal trauma, you deserve your own healing, regardless of what the addict in your life chooses to do. If you choose to stay in a relationship with a recovering sex addict who has broken your trust, I truly believe you are giving them an undeserved gift – a gift for which the addict should deeply appreciate as they fight hard to rebuild trust and a new life.

If you are ready to embark on your personal healing journey, there are many therapists and coaches trained in treating this type of trauma. I recommend you start here to find a certified professional. There is hope of healing and you are worth it.

Additional Partner Resources:

Trust Building Bootcamp (for the addict but can be done together)
Prodependence Partner Group – Free and online (additional groups here and here)
Men’s Prodependence Partner Group – Free and online
Partner Resources –
What My Wife is Worth – A Chapter in Life After Lust
5 Things You Must Do if Your Spouse is Hooked on Porn – XXXChurch
What No One Tells You About Sex Addiction Recovery – Hope & Healing Blog
How Your Partner Can FINALLY Choose YOU Over Porn (Includes tools for partners)
A Partner’s Review of Life After Lust

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