Podcast, Radio, & Blog Interviews

Life After Lust with Forest Benedict – Carol the Coach Radio Show

Forest’s Story – Pure Sex Radio Podcast

Life After Lust – Pure Sex Radio Podcast

What No One Ever Told You About Sex Addiction – Dr Jonice Webb/Psych Central Blog

How to Know if an Addict is Healing – Betrayal Trauma Recovery Interview

Self-care in Recovery from Addiction – Illuminate Podcast with Geoff Steurer

Published Articles

My Path Out of Porn Addiction: A Therapist’s Journey – The Fresno Bee 

Called to Rise: Overcoming Sexual Addiction – Covenant Eyes Blog 

Seven Strategies for Finding Freedom from Digital Adultery

Dear Porn: A Father’s Poignant Plan to Protect His Kids – Protect Young Minds

The Ethics of Sex – Hefner and Hustler Had Them Half Right – The Fresno Bee

Vote for Love – Not Porn – Fresno – The Fresno Bee

What One Person Can Do to Stand Against “Fifty Shades of Grey” – The Fresno Bee 

When Sex Secrets Surface – The Fresno Bee

Don’t Be a Victim to Your Porn Addiction – XXXChurch

The Paradox of Pornography Addiction: What You Fear Most Will Heal You – XXXChurch

5 Reasons to Fire Your Accountability Partner – XXXChurch

10 Steps to Go a Year Free of Porn & Masturbation – XXXChurch 

5 Things You Must Do if Your Spouse is Hooked on Porn – XXXChurch

Honorable Mentions:

Sexual Brokenness – Heartland Community Church

The Question of Identity – Seeking Integrity Blog

Stay Strong Fresno – Fresno Pacific University Campus Blog

What No One Tells You About Sex Addiction Recovery – Hope & Healing Blog

VLOG Interviews


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