For Females – Caring Treatment for Love, Intimacy, & Sex/Pornography Addiction

Guiding females who struggle with sex, love, and/or pornography addiction through the recovery process has been an incredibly meaningful experience for me throughout the years. As a male therapist, I count it a privilege to help females rebuild their lives, as they learn how to decrease compulsive coping, stop objectifying themselves, increase trust with others, and discover their worth.  

When I wrote my book Life After Lust, I knew that women did not need another resource excluding them, framing compulsive sexuality only as a male issue. As I prepared this resource, I was honored to have Staci Sprout, an expert in female sex addiction treatment, help me further modify the book to be more inclusive for female readers. To my delight, females have resonated with Life After Lust, finding it to be a valuable guidebook for their recovery journey.

The Life After Lust recovery program for women utilizes the best curated content I have discovered for women in recovery, including Life After Lust. The strong curriculum, a confidential and caring group setting, and the guidance of an expert who has been there, combine to create a powerful program. If you are a woman ready to heal, I would be honored to work with you, as you take your first brave step toward the light of a new life.

If you are wondering if your sexual behavior is problematic, I invite you to take this assessment then return to this site to schedule an intake session with me. If you are a male partner, you are welcome in the Life After Lust partner program as well.

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