Life After Purity Culture Conference Recordings

Disclaimer: This is my first post focusing on healing religious sexual shame. It is not focused on recovery from sex/porn addiction but is instead focused on resources for those who were shamed/judged for their sexual expression and/or sexual orientation or gender by religious institutions and families. For more information on this new focus of my blog, click here.

Growing up in purity culture can have many detrimental effects (listen to Has Purity Culture Harmed Your Sex Life? How To Overcome Religious Shame to learn more). Purity culture can cloud with shame a person’s perspective on their body, their sexuality, and their relationships. It can lead to religious trauma, requiring years (if not a lifetime) of healing.

The purity message is not about sex but shame

For those wanting to heal from the effects of purity culture and from religious shame about sexuality, the Shameless Sexuality: Life After Purity Culture Conference recordings are available online. As someone who attended the live virtual conference, I can attest to the value of this conference.

This ground-breaking event featureed authors and experts in the areas of sexuality and religious trauma, providing insight on topics such as:

  • Purity Culture as religious trauma 
  • Consent
  • From gay shame to gay pride
  • The religious roots of sex addiction
  • Dating and sex after Purity Culture
  • Vaginismus and Purity Culture
  • Exploring eroticism, kinks, and fetishes 
  • Etc

It should be noted that this event was moreso for those who have deconstructed or left religion entirely. It was for those seeking healing from religious trauma, not those committed to religious based sexual purity ideals.

It is my hope that this online event will be a catalyst of healing for many who have been wounded by religion in the realm of sexuality. May it lead to the lessening of shame as individuals learn to explore, embrace, and celebrate the sexual parts of themselves they once rejected in order to belong in religious communities and families.

If you or someone you know is in need of support from religious sexual shame or religious trauma, I am happy to offer therapeutic support to individuals online throughout California.

In support of a shameless sexuality,

Forest Benedict, LMFT

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