Religious Trauma Can Harm Sexuality (Resources for Healing)

Religious trauma can seriously harm a person’s sexuality. In the recent podcast episode entitled The Reclaim: A Therapy Collective for Adverse Religious Experiences and Spiritual Trauma, three licensed therapists in Fresno, California share powerful insights about how this process unfolds.

They share that “kids hear about their body being bad before they experience their body in any other way and the long-term effects of that is something that we’re seeing as the purity culture generation becomes like 30, 40, and 50 years old and we’re going ‘why can I not function in my body, why do I have somatic symptoms all the time, why do I have no sense of my own sexuality or what being actually good to exist feels like.’ And it’s this early early foundation that is particularly harmful.

This podcast episode is eye-opening and helpful to anyone who has been harmed by religion. While they don’t talk in depth about sexuality, there are many insights, blunt truth bombs, and hopeful perspectives shared for those suffering.

I am hoping to interview one or more of these therapists on my YouTube channel soon on how religious trauma relates specifically to porn addiction and a person’s perception of their unwanted porn use. There is a lot to unpack in that vein, so fingers crossed that we can sit down for an interview soon!

If you or someone you know has experienced religious trauma and needs support and healing, I highly recommend The Reclaim Therapy Collective. They see clients in person in Fresno and online throughout California. My religious trauma services are also available online in California.

Here’s to healing!

Forest Benedict, LMFT

Categories sexuality, trauma

2 thoughts on “Religious Trauma Can Harm Sexuality (Resources for Healing)

  1. Thank you for sharing Patrick. Best wishes to you!


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