Exciting News: Announcing a New Book with My Contributing Chapter

I have exciting news! I wrote a chapter called Group Strategies for Treating Problematic Sexual Behavior that will be published in September in a new textbook called Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness: An Integrative Christian Approach to Sexual Addiction Treatment. It is an incredible honor to contribute to this project, amongst other leaders I deeply respect in the field of sex addiction treatment, such as Marnie Ferree, the late Mark Laaser, and Curt Thompson.

I wrote the first draft of my chapter a few years ago then had the opportunity to update the chapter a couple of months ago. While the first draft of my chapter was packed with valuable content, I am grateful that I could update it to reflect some changes in my perspectives on recovery, pornography, and healing. I now use IFS as the primary modality for treating trauma and addiction, so I added new content about that. I also added important pieces on gender, sexual orientation, and adolescent pornography use that I believe need to be talked about more, especially in Christian communities.

Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness will be published by Zondervan on October 11, 2022. To learn more and/or pre-order, click here. I am humbled and honored to share my expertise and perspective in this project. May this resource bring hope and healing to many.

In compassionate support,
Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

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