Heroes Connecting: A New Online Coaching Group for Men in Recovery

Are you looking for a place to connect and strengthen your recovery? If so, let me share a new resource with you. On August 2, I am launching a new low-cost coaching group called Heroes Connecting. This group is available to men worldwide seeking recovery. While Heroes in Recovery is focused on education, tools, and creating recovery structure, Heroes Connecting is focused on accountability, connection, and belonging. If you would benefit from a confidential setting where you can open up and get to know others who get it, I invite you to reach out.

Here are the details:

Heroes Connecting – Sundays nights from 6-6:45pm PST
Heroes in Recovery – Sundays nights from 7-8:00pm PST

$49.95/mo for either Heroes Connecting or Heroes in Recovery
$79.95/mo for both groups (recommended to all, including grads)

Heroes in Recovery – 17 weeks (click here for the schedule – Week 1 begins August 2)
Heroes Connecting – Indefinite – as long as needed

If you’re interested in joining Heroes Connecting or Heroes in Recovery, email me at ForestBenedictRecoveryCoach@gmail.com and let me know. I will need to pre-screen you by phone or Zoom to make sure this is a good fit. Also, let me know if you want any specific guys in your small group (like an accountability partner).

If you’re curious about Heroes in Recovery, here’s one man’s experience:

The Heroes in Recovery workshop led by Forest Benedict has offered a number of tools and a supportive cohort that was a powerful jumpstart into my recovery from porn addiction. I’m saying this as a person who has worked through a number of drug addictions, including alcohol and opiates. Porn has been the hardest to quit, but I have been sober from it for several months now. Even better, I don’t feel like I’m white knuckling it anymore. 

I’ve personally found that I’d wanted to quit using porn for a number of years, but due to a lack of skills and supportive community I was not able to do so. Forest has a way of approaching this subject with compassion while being firm in holding us accountable. Also, his personal experience gives him credibility that I have not found with other therapists, counselors and coaches. 

Since working through the HIR program I’ve found that my relationships, my work and quality of life have improved.

Hugo P, Heroes in Recovery participant

I am grateful for the opportunity to support men in connecting more deeply and changing their lives.
We are stronger together.
In support,
Forest Benedict
Recovery Coach

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