How to Mentally Survive the Pandemic, Respond to Triggers, and Rebuild Trust

If you’re looking for practical tips for mentally surviving this pandemic, I highly recommend Troy Love’s new podcast episode How to Survive During Covid 19 Without Going Crazy. In this time of uncertainty, Troy provides several great ideas and tools that I trust you’ll find supportive in trying times like these.

Also, Troy has generously contributed an additional 36 minute interview on Responding to Trauma, Shame & Attachment Wound Related Triggers. That interview was recorded exclusively for the Heroes in Recovery program, so I invite you to join us as we explore these topics that are extremely relevant to the recovery journey.

May is a great time to join us to see both Troy’s interview and Geoff Steurer’s interview on rebuilding trust (click here to see the schedule). Speaking of Geoff, today is the last day to sign up for Geoff’s Trust Building Bootcamp at 50% off! if you’re needing to rebuild trust in your relationship, you won’t want to miss this generous deal (click here and use the code COVIDHALF).

May these resources support your recovery and mental health.

In support,

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP
Recovery Coach

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