Six Weeks of Skills: From Trust Building to Strengthening Recovery

If you want to learn how to rebuild trust, recover from addiction, manage difficult triggers, connect with yourself and others, and learn powerful recovery tools, you won’t want to miss the next 6 weeks in the Heroes in Recovery program (see below for BOGO discount as well). Note: These resources are available for men worldwide, however, I am happy to start a female group or help females through one-on-one recovery coaching.

Here is the upcoming schedule I invite you to review:
April 26 – Topic: Mindfulness & Self-Compassion, Heroes in Recovery Interview: The Neuroscience of Trauma, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion
May 3– Topic: Rebuilding Trust in RelationshipsHeroes in Recovery Interview: 5 Things Your Partner Wishes You Knew About Their Trauma, (1 new recovery habit introduced)
May 10– Topic: Recovering from Relapse: A tool for getting back on track when you fail
May 17– Topic: Accountability (1 new recovery habit introduced)
May 24Topic: Managing Emotional Triggers – Heroes in Recovery Interview: Responding to Trauma, Shame & Attachment Wound Related Triggers, Exercise introduced
May 31– Topic: Using IFS to heal addiction at its roots (1 new recovery habit introduced)

For details about the experts and their interviews in the program, go here.

If you’re interested, in the first 3 weeks we covered bottom lines, vision for the future, self-care, and recovery structure (with an expert interview with Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT). This content will come around again once the program cycles through. Individuals can also learn this content through one-on-one coaching with me.

BOGO Discount
If you sign up with a friend before May 1st one of you will get a free month. Or if you know someone in the program who refers you, one of you will get a free month. Contact me here to get pre-screened to sign up. Even if you don’t sign up with a friend, the program is only $49.95 per month!

May you find this announcement supportive of your continued growth and recovery. Whether you can do this program or are finding other ways to grow, I wish you continued growth and healing.
In support,
Forest Benedict
Recovery Coach

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