The Trust Building Bootcamp: Forest Benedict Interviews Geoff Steurer

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Once trust is lost, a relationship is devastated. And knowing how to pick up the pieces can feel impossible. To know where to start, you’re going to need help and you’re going to need the right kind of help. Because doing it wrong could lead to many more losses.

Geoff Steurer is the right kind of help. Geoff is an expert in rebuilding trust. If you have any interest in rebuilding trust, you won’t want to miss his new Trust Building Bootcamp. Want to learn more about Geoff’s powerful online course? I had the privilege of interviewing Geoff awhile back and I know you’ll find our discussion enlightening and helpful.

Click here to watch now

In this video you’ll hear what inspired Geoff to create The Trust Building Bootcamp and learn some specific tools you can implement in your relationships right now. And if you use this link and the code COVIDHALF at checkout you’ll receive 50% off this valuable content. Also, Geoff has generously contributed an additional 32 minute interview explaining 5 Things Your Partner Wishes You Knew About Their Trauma. That interview was recorded exclusively for the Heroes in Recovery program, so I invite you to join us as we explore the topic of rebuilding trust together as an essential piece of the recovery journey.

May you find these resources helpful on your challenging yet worthwhile road to rebuilding trust. I know if you trust Geoff as your skilled guide you will not regret it.

In support,
Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP
Recovery Coach

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