COVID-19 Anxiety: How to Respond Instead of React

Our single most important choice right now is how we will respond to our anxieties. That choice will impact everything – from how we treat our children to whether we hoard TP to how much compassion we extend to others. Still, many of us don’t have the roadmap for responding to anxiety effectively. We’ve spent our lives reacting to our emotions…numbing them, running from them, pushing them away, demonizing them, denying them, and explaining them away. These are temporary solutions but not the cure we most need. In this moment, when we are frozen with the fears of the unknown, here are some great roadmaps that can guide you through these tough times.

COVID-19 Anxiety: Returning to Calm – This video is an excellent introduction to IFS and the powerful tools it provides for calming our anxiety effectively. This short video is packed with excellent information regarding the virus and healthy vs unhealthy reactions to it. You may remember, I shared from personal IFS experience when triggered previously by the Coronavirus. These are life-changing tools, which is why I keep sharing them. I hope you’ll invest some time in learning them.

Tips for Reducing Anxiety and Stress During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Pandemic – This short video provides some practical tips that can help us respond to these difficult times.

Carol the Coach interview – in yesterday’s interview I shared about the importance of learning to access our Self. In IFS, the Self is where we connect with qualities of courage, calmness, clarity, and compassion. These traits can help calm our anxious parts in a way that actually works. Also, I encouraged everyone to deepen their recovery work during these difficult times, using online resources that are plentiful. Here is a meditation that helps people get into a Self led state instead of a reactive state.

Self-Compassion Break – This is one of my favorite exercises for easing internal suffering, in a short audio format.

Pursuing Peace When the World’s at War (Ch 20 in Life After Lust) – In this chapter I shared 4 strategies for cultivating inner peace in times of external chaos. Check out that chapter for additional tips.

If you want any direct help with all you are experiencing, I will address responding to emotions in my upcoming Heroes in Recovery coaching group and continue helping clients manage their emotions through these trying times. I am here to help and all of my resources are available online. Email me at to learn more about these resources.

Wishing you all calmness, clarity, and courage,

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP
Recovery Coach

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2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Anxiety: How to Respond Instead of React

  1. Thanks Forest; I was just thinking of you, and what you may have to say in this unique time as it relates to addictions. Timely and well said.


    1. Great to hear from you Rusty! I’m glad you found this helpful. I hope you are well.


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