Know What I Meme*?

Much meaning does not require many words. That’s why I love memes*. They are clear, concise, and cut to the chase. One meme could change your perspective or even your life. Would you like to see such memes? I have created and collected many of my own memes and constantly share inspirational others on my professional Facebook page. I invite you to come check them out. While you’re over there, if you “like” and “follow” that page, you can expect a continual meme stream of inspiration, guidance, and hope. May my memes make your day.

Here are some recent memes that have reached the most people:

* Okay, I know. It could be argued that what I am calling a meme is not technically a meme. But the word “meme” sounds way better than some variation of “inspirational quote picture.” Know what I meme?  

In support,

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

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