One Year Ago: Catalysts of Change

Two days ago I hit an unexpected anniversary. It was one year since I was let go from LifeSTAR Fresno. That was a traumatic time for me. But with the strength of many supportive friends, family, guides, and a kick-ass coach, I rebounded. With no previous experience, I started my own private practice completely online, a risky move since it felt so outside the box.

In this past year I’ve transformed. Had I not been pushed from that comfortable nest, I would not have jumped, learning so quickly how to fall then fly. I’ve experienced more healing and self-connection than ever this year. I’ve continued letting go of the life that does not serve me. I’ve discovered my worth.

I’m grateful to report a thriving online practice. I’m thankful to provide individual, couple, and group therapy to clients scattered across California, as well as coaching support for those struggling worldwide. I fully support my family while having freedom and flexibility to date my wife, connect with my kids, work from home, dance, hike in the woods, write, resurrect from a life-time of religious trauma, and live a more full life. A year ago I had no concept of how much growth getting fired would catalyze.

May we all allow relationships and situations where we’re not fully valued to fall away. May we surround ourselves with those who treasure us as we learn to¬†treasure ourselves. May we say “yes” to invitations to grow, change, and create a life that truly satisfies. May we watch with wonder as goodness grows out of our grief.

In gratitude and support,
Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

Photo credit (night sky)

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4 thoughts on “One Year Ago: Catalysts of Change

  1. Inspiring, courageous and filled with hope! Thank you for sharing your journey of growth!


    1. Monica, thank you for reading! I definitely have hope for all of us.


  2. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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