I am LGBTQ+ Affirming

Last week, I invested hours writing at length on my evolving views of LGBTQ+ individuals. I planned to post it but hit an unexpected wall. I uncovered a new understanding about my path I was not prepared to share. Still, I knew enough from my processing that I was ready to publicly welcome LGBTQ+ people into my practice and program. So, I created a LGBTQ+ Affirming page on my website, sharing both my inclusive stance and resources for those individuals and their partners. I hope this page is a catalyst of healing for many.  

If you’ve read Life After Lust you’ll know that I have a strong sense of justice and believe in standing for convictions. For me, my LGBTQ+ Affirming page is rooted in the following Missions to Accomplish in Life After Lust:

Mission to Accomplish #5: Promoting the cause of love through the way I live my life 

Mission to Accomplish #6: Finding the courage to stand for my deepest convictions 

Mission to Accomplish #9: Learning to live in alignment with my values 

Taking a public stance on this issue was difficult. I am naturally a peace-keeper, wishing for a world where everyone is happy with me (as if that were possible). In my head I have the voice of my fundamentalist father, demeaning me for letting spiritual growth lead me outside the black and white boxes of my childhood. I was disowned for not meeting his standards. If anything, this post is me standing up to him saying, “I will speak my truth and I will do what I believe is right.” For that, I am proud.

Most importantly, there are countless LGBTQ+ individuals suffering from the effects of sexual addiction. They deserve safe, judgment free therapy where they are fully loved and accepted. If you or someone you know identifies as LGBTQ+, I invite you to check out out my new LGBTQ+ Affirming page, where I explained my role as an affirming therapist and provide additional resources.

May we all find the courage to dare greatly, taking bolder steps towards self-understanding, authenticity, and honesty.
In support,

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