5 New Recovery Resources You Should Know About

There are five new recovery resources out there I recommend you check out. Here they are, in no particular order:

Reducing Shame/Building Resiliency, Practical Tools for Recovery FREE online drop in group hosted by Troy Love starting tomorrow (for both addicts and partners). This drop-in group is for anyone who is dealing with attachment issues as they relate to addiction. Both addicts and partners of addicts are welcome.

The Loving Marriage VLOG – My friends Geoff & Jody Steurer have created this brand new VLOG to help couples strengthen their marriages. I admire their courage in sharing their stories and hard-earned wisdom. I’m not just sharing this resource because I know them. It is also really well done. I recommend it to anyone desiring growth in their relationship, which absolutely includes those of us in recovery. Start here then subscribe if you resonate.

The Finding Peace Retreat – September 19-22. This is a 4-day, intensive, experiential training based on the wonderful workbook Finding Peace. The weekend creates a place of healing for individuals with past wounds of loss, rejection, neglect, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse who are looking for greater joy, happier relationships, and deeper fulfillment in their lives. I can vouch for the power of this retreat.

Floating Away: A Book to Help Children Understand Addiction by Andrew Bauman. Addiction can be an incredibly difficult subject for parents and caregivers to discuss with children, who are often the ones most impacted by it. This book provides an avenue for dialogue with the over 18 million children who are affected by addiction in America. This book is hot off the press!

Something About You (Music Video). When I watched this I was in tears. But not everyone will value this video. If you’ve ever participated in a recovery group I think you’ll get it. The video shows us many group dynamics, from the hesitation to talk to the vulnerability of sharing to the intimacy and belonging that be only built in groups. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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