A Personal & Professional Update: The Year of Plot Twists

For those who have followed my journey over the past year, I want to share some personal and professional updates. If you’re just here for recovery related content, feel free to skip this post.

This is how life is unfolding for me right now…

Writing Opportunities
There are a few writing opportunities I am excited about. I eagerly await the publication of a chapter I wrote for therapists on group therapy which will be published by Zondervan in the near future (more info to come). Also, I just submitted 3 chapters from Life After Lust to be published on the Sex & Relationship Healing website, reaching a broader audience. I am continuing to write on my blog and newsletter as the inspiration arises and hope you find these posts helpful and hopeful (aren’t these photos amazing!?). If something impacts you, I invite you to comment, hit “reply”, or email me sometime and let me know. I love hearing from my readers and friends. Also, I am finally taking my calling as a writer more seriously, working on my Memoir and aspiring toward mastery of this craft.

Serving Male Addicts
As you may know, I launched the Life After Lust online recovery program 8 months ago, in hopes that it would reach people throughout California. I am grateful to share that this program has successfully grown into two 7-8 person male addict groups and the calls continue as I plan on starting a third group. What excites me to no end is that these men are scattered across California and some live where sex addiction therapists are nowhere nearby. I feel privileged to work with all of these heroic individuals, guiding them as they work to rebuild their lives.

Serving Female Addicts
Though I am fully prepared to serve female addicts seeking recovery, I have not experienced enough interest to begin a female group. I cannot say I am surprised by this since historically females seem less likely to seek sex addiction treatment (which is why I liken it to spotting a unicorn). The female addict resource page is up on my site and it is my hope that women will find the help they need, whether with me or someone else.

Serving Partners
For awhile I ran a small recovery group for traumatized partners but have decided to discontinue the partner part of the program. I will continue working with some partners in individual or couples therapy but will no longer provide group therapy for partners. Instead, I am provide a partner resource page on my website with a link to certified partner trauma specialists. I also hope that partners are encouraged through my writing as well.

Serving Therapists
I am gearing up for my 5th year teaching in the SATP program at MNU, training therapists to do sexual addiction treatment. The class I teach is Introduction to Sexual Addiction Treatment, utilizing Life After Lust and other excellent resources. This week I am adding to my class valuable recovery resources I created this past year (such as this and this). I continue serving as the SATP Program Coordinator and our 9th cohort begins August 26!

Serving Men Worldwide
My free online group for male sex and porn addicts is going strong after these 8 months as well. Rob Weiss shared with me the other day that my group is one of the most popular groups on his platform, which was so affirming. I am honored to do this work and deeply grateful for the opportunity.

A Permanent Change in Scenery
Our move to the Pacific Northwest has resulted in many new adventures. This past weekend my son and I attended an epic Weird Al show in Seattle, after which we met my childhood hero in the flesh. My wife has enjoyed the opportunity to be home with our boys for the first time in over a decade, which she greatly appreciates. While we miss people and places from our life in Fresno, we are grateful to be here as this new life unfolds.

This was a year full of unexpected plot twists but I am thankful for the story I am living. Thank you for being part of my journey.


Forest Benedict

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