Damn Discerning

I deactivated my Facebook account today. I admit, it was impulsive. I did it after experiencing an emotional trigger from an unproductive, unexpected theology debate on my wall. In reality, this decision was brewing in me a long time.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

On one hand, it has connected me with amazing people and lifelong friendships. On the other hand, it has connected me with “friends” from the past that I never would have seen again (sometimes for the best) and people who are toxic to my emotional well-being and inner peace. 

I am in a season of curating people. I have found this season meaningful as I’ve tightened the circle around me, making sure those I interact with are the healthiest for me. At one point this meant parting ways with my long-term accountability partner. Now, it means finding a spiritual community that fits new, evolved beliefs about God, myself, and the world. It means keeping close the friends who build me up and prioritizing time with those dearest to me. I have come to be increasingly discerning about who I let into my life these days.

Damn discerning.

Because the people around me have a profound influence on me. Some bring out the best in me, some the worst. 

For now, the choice to disconnect from Facebook is a detour of discernment. It may not be permeant but for now I am honoring this inclination. I am saying no to this outlet that has claimed countless hours of my life. I expectantly await what emerges in its place.

I hope the results are deepened relationships, increased self-reflection, and strengthened connections in the “real world.”

May we all learn to be damn discerning. Our mental health, recovery, and peace of mind are worth it. Cutting out the old, we make room for the new. Choosing to keep what is most valuable, we appreciate it more deeply.

Now, back to learning the ways of Minecraft with my son 🙂


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