Announcement: How I’m Leaving and Staying in California

When I was 10 years old, my severe asthma was compounded by the polluted air in our small Northern California town. In response to my suffering, my mom moved us south, where we rebuilt our lives.

History now repeats itself.

Our son has suffered with severe asthma and allergies and we’ve spent far too many nights in the emergency room as a result. We’re hoping his health will improve with a move out of one of the most polluted cities in the country. In 10 days we are relocating to the clean air of Olympia Washington. This is a big move but we believe it is worthwhile on many levels.

While my family is moving out of state, my online private practice and program will remain in California, where I am licensed. So, in this season of much change, one thing that remains is my work with current clients and the desire to reach others with my sexual addiction treatment services. I am grateful that this meaningful work will continue here. I love the people of California.

In other words, I am leaving but staying in Fresno and California.

As a family, this is both a sad and exciting season for us. We are sad to say goodbye to our community and loved ones. We’ve experienced many milestones in our 13 years in Fresno. After moving here in 2006 for the Master’s program at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno was where we became parents, created meaningful careers, deepened relationships, experienced great growth, and learned to share our gifts. We are are so grateful for our time here and for many memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to technology that wasn’t available when I moved as a kid, we can more easily maintain connections regardless of where we live.

We are excited about the adventures that lie ahead. We look forward to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We believe it will be a great place to raise our family, connect with others, and experience new possibilities. 

If you’re interested in what lies ahead for me, here are some new and continuing projects I look forward to:

1. Creating and publishing the Life After Lust Workbook

2. Continuing to expand the Life After Lust online recovery program and serving current clients in California

3. Continuing online sexual addiction recovery coaching worldwide

4. Continuing to lead my free weekly online recovery group for men worldwide

5. Continue as teaching in and coordinate the SATP program online through Mid-America Nazarene University

6. Continuing to blog and offer free resources to those in need – such as my new Father’s Day podcast interview with Media Savvy Moms

7. Publishing my chapter on group therapy in an upcoming book for therapists through Zondervan (more on this later)

8. Making much more time to write and create

9. Being open to new invitations, possibilities, and adventures

Again, I wanted to share all of this to communicate how I am leaving but staying. Thank you all for playing a significant role in this journey. I hope we can stay connected as the adventures in all of our lives unfold.

In gratitude and expectation,


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