Evolving Anthems: Invitations Into Deeper Healing

Recovery is like a whale breaching the water, leaping from shadows into light, then plunging back into the black abyss. My healing took this trajectory. Abandoning the darkness of private pain, I sought help, only to be inevitably invited back into the depths of my wounds.

In recovery, we don’t leave our past behind us, as we trudge forward, never to return. Instead, we collect the courage and the crowd to face what we fear. We pay attention to pains haunting our hearts.

This evolution is evident as I’ve reconsidered my recovery anthem. When I wrote my book, I connected with a rockin’ recovery anthem that poured passion into my veins. Then, last year new music whisked my way on winds of change. This song poured pain down my cheeks. I listened over and over, connecting with my abandoned child inside. I was reminded of untold stories yet to be remembered and unloved inner children yet to be nurtured.

How about you? How has your recovery anthem evolved? Have new songs saddened and soothed your soul? Have you listened for deeper whispers in the wind?

Feeling old pain is never easy. And we need not bear such burdens alone. As we wander away from old addictions, may we open our ears to new melodies. In new melodies lie new invitations. In new invitations lie new depths to heal.

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

Photo Courtesy of Nic Stover Photography

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