You Matter, No Matter Who Notices

you matter, no matter who notices

Have you ever wondered if what you do in the world matters? I have struggled with this for a long time, especially when it comes to creating and sharing content with others (which I do A LOT). What complicates this further is that my worst traumas came when I offered my strengths and love to others and my efforts were met with rejection, abuse, and abandonment. I am currently taking a Facebook sabbatical to figure all of this out as I dive into therapy and writing my Memoir.

If you’re like me and wonder if anything you do online or offline matters in the grand scheme of things, I invite you to listen to the podcast episode called A Brief Guide to the Undernet. Listening to this episode brought me a measure of healing as I realized that how many people notice me is not the measure of my worth. With the strong emphasis on views, followers, and likes in the online environment, it is a breath of fresh air to realize how none of this is a true reflection of value.

May we all know that who we are and what we do matters, no matter how much outside applause we receive.

May we all learn to applaud our own efforts.


Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery. Please follow Forest on the following platforms: NewsletterYoutubeBlogTwitterFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest, and SHARE this valuable content with others. Thank you!




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