Making Friends & Memoirs

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One of the unexpected joys of writing Life After Lust was the wonderful people I met as a result. That was the case with DJ Burr and Staci Sprout, who have since become friends. I met Staci when she reached out to me to offer guidance when I was finishing Life After Lust and not only did she endorse my book but she also helped me make the book more accessible to female sex addicts, which was a priority for me. She helped me when I felt overwhelmed along the way, sharing some of her own writing process (she is the author of Naked in Public, an excellent memoir about her addiction and recovery). Staci later introduced me to DJ Burr, who had me as a guest on his Making An Addict podcast (click here to hear that episode). Since then, the three of us have offered each other support and our friendship is such a gift. We are all therapists, authors, and recovering addicts. Soon, we will have another thing in common (more on this later).

So, you can imagine the fun I had watching Staci interview DJ in the new Sex Addiction in the News video uploaded today. Not only was it entertaining to watch but helpful as well. I recommend it those in recovery as well as their partners. Check it out here:

Staci & DJ have done something that I have recently become inspired to do myself: write a memoir. Diving into Staci’s memoir, I have decided to write my own story in much more detail than I did in Life After Lust. I have a book name and many ideas flooding my mind. While going into the pain of my past will be difficult, I believe it will be an adventure into deeper healing, becoming a resource that will encourage and inspire others. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of this important new project.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.


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