Life After Lust Superfan Contest (8 Prizes)

Life After Lust Superfan Contest

It’s amazing to think that a year ago Life After Lust was published in paperback. On this mind-blowing journey, thousands of people were impacted by the book (closest guess wins a book) and I’ve made many surprising and meaningful connections.

Truth is, I could not have accomplished this success my own. It was a team effort. Along the way, some superfans have emerged that have generously given of their time and energy to get the word out about Life After Lust and encourage me along the way.


As a token of gratitude to my Superfans, I have created a contest. The first 8 people who accomplish the specific tasks outlined below and email me the proof will receive the following package:

  1. A personal or group 30 minute Skype or phone call with me discussing any topics related to the book (not therapy)
  2. A signed copy of Life After Lust mailed to you or a friend
  3. The Kindle version of Life After Lust emailed to you or a friend
  4. The audiobook version of Life After Lust (once it is released)

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE: Priceless to a Superfan ūüėČ


If so, here’s what you need to do (if you haven’t done so already):

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
  2. Follow my blog
  3. Subscribe to the Life After Lust Newsletter
  4. Like and follow my Facebook page
  5. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon
  6. Join the Life After Lust Community and The Anti-Pornography Movement Facebook Groups
  7. Write an Amazon review of Life After Lust
  8. Guess how many copies of Life After Lust are in circulation (within 200 – you get unlimited guesses)

Once completed, email me screen shots proving you’ve accomplished all of these tasks at and I will let you know if you’ve won. Remember, packages will be awarded to the first 8 people who accomplish this. Superfans will obviously have a head start but anyone can win this. If you are not on the social platforms listed here, you can email me for alternatives. I will announce when all 8 packages have been awarded in the Life After Lust Community Facebook Group (winners will remain anonymous).

It is my hope that this treasure hunt will be exciting for a handful of people. Certainly, for my Superfans, it will. Whether you take interest in this giveaway or not, THANK YOU ALL for making Life After Lust a success. It’s been quite a year….one I will never regret or forget.


Forest Benedict, Author of Life After Lust

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery. Please follow Forest on the following platforms: Newsletter, Youtube, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and SHARE this valuable content with others. Thank you!






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