My Last LifeSTAR Blog Post

My Last LifeSTAR Blog Post_ Forest Benedict's Bittersweet Goodbye

When I started the LifeSTAR of the Central Valley blog 5 years ago I had no idea how far-reaching the ripple effects would be. How could I? Though I have written since childhood, this was my first experience putting my written works online, sharing them with the world. Never did I imagine that this journey would lead us here, with 192 posts and 76,159 views by 52,923 visitors from all around the world (153 countries)! It still blows my mind that 24% of our total views came from one article that went viral in February of 2015.

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I am certain that the posts on that blog have encouraged, strengthened, and challenged many. It is hopeful to see there were 580 clicks on our private practice links, meaning that many people got help as a result of reading here.

That blog was also the birthplace of my first book Life After Lust. As was shared in a recent article, “Originally a set of blog posts, Life After Lust was born after a colleague suggested that he turn the posts into a book.” That’s how Life After Lust began. My book has impacted thousands over the past year since it was published.

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I have shared many powerful experiences from my life on that blog. You might remember me going public about my personal recovery from sexual addiction here on April 22, 2015. I was embraced with open arms and I am so grateful I shared that experience with all of you.

How Has That Blog Impacted You?

I can think of many worthwhile stories that resulted from my investment in that blog. What about you? How has that blog impacted, encouraged, and guided you? I would love to hear about it. Such stories mean the world to me.

A Time of Transition

I share all of these impacts with you as a way of celebrating what we’ve done here together and communicating some changes. A recent post sums up my current trajectory:

“Mere months ago this new vision caught me….that I am a writer with many books to be birthed. All paths are converging on this important truth. Writing has brought me where I am today and is brining me where I want to go. My focus has changed from squeezing writing into my life to building my life around my writing. Practically, this looks like downsizing my client load and upscaling opportunities to write. This is my path to the most meaning. Honoring my vision is an unflinching act of alignment. Sure, there are risks on this road. But nothing is more risky than abandoning my most purposeful path.”

As part of this transition, I recently stepped down from my Clinical Director role at LifeSTAR of the Central Valley. This was a bittersweet choice for me. I will continue leading my LifeSTAR groups and seeing some clients but am focusing more on creative projects that will uplift the world. While I am not leading the program, LifeSTAR remains in highly capable hands and will continue offering hope for those hurting. Along with this change, I will no longer be managing that blog. Don’t worry! That site will also continue to be in capable hands and you will continue receiving relevant recovery related content. From time to time, I’m sure you’ll see guest posts and other creative content I’ve submitted for sharing here. I hope you’ll continue visiting that blog and growing from the resource provided.

If you want to follow my journey from here, I’ll continue sharing via my personal blog, VLOG, and social media sites. While this goodbye is bittersweet, I believe it is for the best. I also believe that many lives will be impacted by the books to come.


THANK YOU Roubicek & Thacker for allowing me to thrive in my writing here!

THANK YOU readers for making that blog what it is!

THANK YOU all for joining me in this journey over the years!

I wish all of you health, wholeness, and healing.

And in case I don’t see you…good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP

Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery. Please follow Forest on the following platforms: NewsletterYoutubeBlogTwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagramPinterestGoogle+StumbleUpon, and SHARE this valuable content with others. Thank you!



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