Can You Help Us? (Life After Lust Audiobook Kickstarter Project)

The Life after lust KICKSTARTER Project is live

Will you help us bring the hope of healing to a new audience? Our Kickstarter campaign goal is the conversion of the life-changing book Life After Lust into an audiobook. Kickstarter rewards include an audiobook copy of Life After Lust, a signed paperback book and eBook, tickets to the Life After Lust retreat, and a Google Hangout with the Author & Narrator. Pledges start at just $2. We have 30 days to reach our funding goal.

Will you help us spread the word?

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN (It’s worth checking out even if you can’t contribute)

Thank you for your support with this meaningful cause.


Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, is the author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery. Please follow Forest on the following platforms: NewsletterYoutube, BlogTwitter, Facebook, LinkedInInstagramPinterest, Google+StumbleUpon, and SHARE this valuable content with others. Thank you!
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