The Practice of Humility

A challenge to all of us on our spiritual journey

Crossroads Christian Church

Recently our staff spent a day away for some contemplation and reflection – something I highly recommend.  We spent some time together around “The Practice of Humility” adapted from The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook. Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.  Humble people let go of image management and self-promotion.  They honor others by making others’ needs as real and important as their own.

“Personas and the false self are cobbled together by identifying with the grandiosity of secondary things. It is easy to tell when the false self is in place, because it is always afraid of looking little and inadequate … A true Christ-in-me self is deeply at home in God and in its own skin.  Such a self humbly receives its identity as a gift and feels no need to justify its existence.  The mirror of public response doesn’t matter… Jesus is the…

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