Will You Join the Controversial Causes of “Life After Lust?”


My upcoming book Life After Lust is not your normal recovery manual. True, it has some excellent content geared toward helping women and men recover from sex addiction. As one therapist wrote:

“Life After Lust” is a resource to help reinforce you for a lifetime of healthy living. While it’s not easy to stop a pornography or sex addiction, it’s even more difficult to build a life of trust, intimacy, connection, and emotional health after years of addictive living. Forest has taken a complicated and confusing process and organized it into an easy-to-follow guide. Knowing Forest, he would love to sit down with each person who picks up his book and personally help them map out their own journey. Thankfully, anyone who reads this book will feel like they’re sitting with him getting personal guidance and support. His compassionate and non- judgmental voice comes through loud and clear. He expects great things from his readers and offers encouragement and realistic goals to help people create a bright future. Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT, Founding Director of LifeStar of St. George, UT and co-author of Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity


Life After Lust has many recovery resources but also emphasizes the important yet controversial themes of protecting children from pornography and standing against the porn industry. Here’s one woman’s response to the book:

“Sex addiction destroyed my first marriage, so I was worried this book would be a trigger for me. But surprisingly, it was not! Benedict handles the topic in an incredibly powerful, insightful, yet sensitive manner. I am convinced that if more couples approached addiction recovery with these tools, there would be fewer divorces and less heartache. I applaud Benedict’s courage in sharing his story and bestowing his hard-gained wisdom on others traveling this difficult path. I sincerely appreciate the emphasis on protecting children and standing against pornography. The chapter, “Dear Porn: A Father’s Letter,” is close to my heart and truly a call to arms. As a mother and activist, I face this battle every day. Forest Benedict is a powerful ally in the fight!”-Melody A. Bergman, Writer, Speaker, Activist, Mamacrossroads.com

If you believe in protecting children from pornography and standing against the porn industry (including the upcoming movie in the Shades of Grey series), I invite you to share this blog with others and join my Life After Lust Launch Team. Let’s put our mutual passions to work, getting the word out about a book that will both help people recover and inspire them to change the world we all live in.

To read more about the controversial causes presented in Life After Lust and to learn how to join the Life After Lust Launch Team, click here.

*Photo by Gisela Merkuur

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