Please Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover (Forest Benedict’s Upcoming Book)



I am excited to share some possible covers for my upcoming book “Life After Lust”! Would you please take a minute to browse through the 5 images below and comment on which one is your favorite and what you like about it?

Also,  which cover (or combination of covers) would be the best fit for my intended audience –  male and female sex & pornography addicts of all (or no) religious backgrounds?

Also, please let me know if you prefer the subtitle on these covers or this one: “Stories & Strategies for Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery”.

The more people who vote, the better, so please share this post with others.

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing this exciting news!

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Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

4. life-after-lust-3d3

5. life-after-lust-3d5


43 thoughts on “Please Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover (Forest Benedict’s Upcoming Book)

  1. Just off hand without thinking, first impression #5 then #3. When I think a out it, I think I like #5 first because it is a single person. I know you need a support system to be successful but in the end it is about the choices of the addict.


  2. I like #2 best. 1 is a bit “fiery” which distracted me from the intent of the book. The blue of #2 is a calming color psychologically and shows 3 people, which I feel is an important, relevant truth. #3 feels a little cliche and may lose potential unwed buyers who are not married (and your content is not dependent on marital status), and #4 gives me knee-jerk appearance of a “_____ For Dummies” book. I don’t have any helpful insight in regards to #5 and conclude that #2 cover compels me most to buy, read, learn from others and benefit personally mentality.


  3. I like #5 the best. To me recovery over sex addiction should be about feeling empowered as an individual. The single person with their arms raised, feels like they are celebrating a victory. The colors and picture itself seems to catch my eye more readily, and I think would appeal to those individuals seeking a less clinical looking cover.


  4. Unfortunately, for me, #3 brings to mind a Cialis commercial. Number 1, as another commenter said, is too apocalyptic. Number 4 looks hundreds of other books. Number 3 is okay (like the community thing), but the colors are too cool, too neutral. I like #5 best.

    As for the subtitles, I prefer the shorter one, slightly. I can see the value, however, of the longer.


  5. I also like #5 the best…the contrast of colors…and their combined beauty invites hope to me. It pops and catches my eye faster than any other cover. I also like the single person in it…perhaps showing that healing can come to the individual…even apart from a relationship??


  6. #3
    This was not my first choice, at all. But, the more I looked at it the more I liked it and felt it best visually communicated the purpose of the book. Here’s why:
    – The word “LIFE” is subtly larger than “LUST”.
    – The color of the word “LIFE” and it’s background are more indicative of the joy and freedom of life after the darkness of being imprisoned in lust, which is portrayed as darker and a color we all associate with things that are bad, or also exciting in an unhealthy way.
    – I like “After” being in a different font and not all caps.
    – The couple looks like they are very carefree and enjoying themselves and looking toward the future with the sun rising on the horizon. As much as I like the 3 guys in #2, that is definitely not going to attract women as much.
    – The spine has multiple colors instead of being solid black like some of them. It will stand out more on a shelf.
    – I like that your name is not as overly-loud as it is on #2.
    Enough said, cause you know I could keep going. 🙂


  7. Number 2.
    I like how the trio looks like they have conquered something amazing. I also like the colour choice. Blue seems fitting – not so bold but empowering somehow. Good luck to you.


  8. I like #3 mostly, but with the sky and clouds of #1. The action in the clouds and the red are more lusty, and the couple in #3 is more…non-lusty? loving and fun? looks like a cured couple.


  9. Hi Forest,

    Although all the book covers are interesting and appealing, I like cover #5 the best and I think it will appeal to all audiences…male, female, religious & non. I like the subtitle, “Stories & Strategies for Sex & Porn Addiction Recovery.” (It’s a little more concise.)

    I enjoy seeing the progress you’re making on your book!

    Aunt Linda


  10. I think #5 is my favorite… but I also like 3. I like how the couple reflects them staying together and moving forward after recovery. But I also love everything about #5.

    As for the subtitle… I don’t know! I keep going back and forth. They’re both great.

    You have some really great cover options, Forest. I’m so happy that you have such a great design team! Wow!


  11. #1: too apocalyptic
    #2: makes me think of freedom
    #3: (to me) looks like a love story
    #4: looks like a text book
    #5: looks like it says AFTFR

    I vote for #2




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