The Subtle Signs of God’s Presence


Today I am posturing my heart to hear God. I do this by both listening and looking. I often take time to listen to his whispers. And I notice nuances throughout my day that direct me to Divine presence. Call it an active imagination or “childlike faith”.

I find the  subtle hints reassuring. Yesterday, one such “sign” came to me through the early morning alarm of a phone I had not used in months. Granted, my son had been playing with it the night before but how did the alarm get set for 5:40am? I remembered that a men’s group from my church was meeting at 6am. I lay in bed pondering my options then decided to follow the “sign”. I joined the men and was incredibly blessed both by what I received and what I contributed. It changed my day.

Today I choose to listen for God’s still small voice and look for his invisible hand. If I hear or see that which reminds me of his loving care or concern I will count it as an undeserved and welcome gift.

“But the monks lived in a world in which everything was a word of God to them, in which the tenderness of God was manifest in accidental signs, nocturnal communiques, and the ordinary stuff of our pedestrian lives.” The Ragamuffin Gospel, Brennan Manning

-By Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

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