Forest’s First Book is Almost Here!

fist pencil

It should be no surprise that my first book will be a resource for sexual addicts. What may be surprising is that 1.5 weeks ago I decided that if I can binge watch Netflix, then I can certainly binge write my first book and now it is nearly done! I look forward to sharing more as it progresses but I can tell you the following about my soon to be self-published book:

  1. It is an anthology of my best articles, including some new ones
  2. It is aimed at inspiring & equipping sexually addicted men & women
  3. In it I share in depth details about my personal trauma and recovery journey
  4. It is my hope that this work is a catalyst for personal transformation and world change

I look forward to finishing and sharing this creative work of art & love with you soon!

-By Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

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