Are You Being a Victim to Your Sexual Addiction?


Today XXXChurch published my newest article called “Don’t Be a Victim to Your Porn Addiction“. This article provides a challenging and brutally honest perspective about the attitude change necessary to beat sexual addiction. In it I shared my experience:

“The “secret sauce” of my success is taking personal responsibility for my recovery. I don’t always succeed but almost every time I remind myself that I am choosing most of my circumstances and all of my responses, I regain my power. Fighting against victim mentality is a daily battle. I believe this is some of the most significant work for anyone in active recovery.”

The article highlights common factors blamed for recovery failure and provides 8 questions individuals can ask themselves to regain a sense of power against their addiction. It is my hope that those who read this piece will take an honest look at their choices and re-evaluate what they are willing to do to experience successful recovery.

This article could be a milestone for those who feel stuck in their addiction. This is a life-changing message for those who choose to make it so.

“Will you take responsibility for your recovery?

When you do, the possibilities are endless.”

-By Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

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