What She is Worth/What I Am Worth – New Downloadable Resources for Daily Inspiration


Four days ago I published the powerful piece entitled “What My Wife is Worth“. It inspired many, steadily rising to over 800 views in this short time. Today, I was honored when a blogger who writes to betrayed partners reflected on how my post impacted her. She said:

“My work is to believe that I am truly worth everything on this remarkable list. I need to live and act in a way that others can see that I know my true value. I can do this by maintaining my personal boundaries, practicing self-care, and having faith in my ability to forgive. I need to know that I am enough and that my worth is “innate and can’t be tarnished.” I think I will read this list and replace the words “she deserves” with “I deserve” and change other words, as needed, to make this a message for me.”

She then shared two downloadable resources that she created based on my work.

To download the PDF for husbands to print and display, click here: What My Wife Is Worth
To download the PDF for wives to print and display, click here: What I Am Worth

I am thankful that Avalon Vic created these PDF documents for others to use. It is my hope that those who print and post them will find daily strength as they remind themselves of their innate and infinite worth.

–By Forest Benedict

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