New Group for Adult Daughters of Sex Addicts (Starting June 9)

beach daughter
A unique and much-needed group for adult daughters of sexual addicts is beginning June 9 at Northpoint Church in Fresno called “Ready to Heal”. This group is created and led by Julie, who is a daughter of a sexual addicts herself. She explains:

“”Ready To Heal” is a 7 week class/support group specifically for women who have been hurt by their father’s sexual addiction. My passion for this group started in my heart and mind about two years ago and I feel such an urgency to make it available to others that are hurting. As girls, our relationships with our fathers are hugely influential in so many aspects of our lives – especially in how it affects our self-esteem and future relationships. At the age of 18 I was devastated to learn of my own father’s long and deeply rooted addiction – I felt as though I’d never trust again. But the Lord took me and also my family through a journey of healing and restored our relationships. I am passionate about bringing together others in similar situations so that we can support each other and learn to heal in a way that brings hope and ultimately glory to God – our Great Healer!”

This group is Christian-based but all are welcome. It will be offered on Thursday evenings and is only available to women who are 18 and older. For information contact Julie at

Please join me in supporting Julie with prayer as she embarks on this courageous journey! I am certain many lives will be impacted as a result, especially her own.

Please share this with anyone who would benefit.

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