We Can’t Cry to a Book

baby father hold

“God, thank you so much that you are a Daddy to us. So much of our time as believers we can get lost thinking you are just a book that we read, you’re a goal that we’re trying to reach, you’re a place that we go to once a week, you’re a lifestyle, you’re some sort of worldview. But God, we can’t lean on a worldview. We can’t cry to a book. You’re a father. You’re a good, good Father. And you’re not loving us because we’re good. You’re loving us because you’re good. God, the more we sing and the more we pray, just remind us that this is a conversation with a person that loves us, that knows everything about us and loves us. You deserve every breath that comes out of us, every word, every note we could ever sing is yours.” -Mark Hall (Casting Crowns, from clip below)


Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C

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