How to Ground Yourself in God’s Love

trees fog

This morning I read a powerful piece by Shauna Niequist that spoke to my soul. In it, she wrote about the difference between living from performance and living from belovedness. She shared,

“When I begin the day drenched in that love, that centering awareness of my worth and connection to God, the day is different. I don’t have to scramble or hustle. Fear dissipates, and what I’m left with is warmth, creativity, generosity. I can make and connect and create and tell the truth, because my worth isn’t on the line at every moment.”

May all of us who struggle to feel worthy through pleasing and performance, grow in our awareness of God’s unending affection as we seek His face, learning how to become centered in His love. Click here to learn about the practice Shauna uses to ground herself in God’s love.

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