How to Thrive in Your Strengths

I am currently reading a book that is morphing my mindset about my work. The book “Go Put Your Strengths to Work: 6 Steps Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance” is reorganizing my thinking. I am reconsidering how I can practice and develop my strengths in all I do.

One strength I am keenly aware of is my ability to write. This strength has been with me my entire life. This Monday morning I had an “aha” moment when I realized I was shelving a great opportunity to write about my passions. From this awareness, I emailed XXXChurch and asked them if I could start writing for them again, an opportunity that I had recently declined. Thankfully, I was welcomed back (stay tuned). One day later I submitted a fresh new article. Writing that piece was empowering. As I lived in my strength, I felt re-energized.

Let me ask….what strengths are you sitting on? I encourage you to check out the above video and reconnect with the dormant gifts inside of you that are antsy for their air time.

Using our strengths is the starting line of passionate living.

-By Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C



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11 thoughts on “How to Thrive in Your Strengths

  1. Perfect timing for this info! Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Happy to share a great resource that helps others!


  2. Where is the link to the “above video” referenced in your article?



    1. It should work if you click on the picture


  3. Funny you should say that – a good friend just said today ‘you just know how to write, don’t you.’ And it’s true. I was writing stories very young.


    1. Well, that sounds like a good clue 🙂


      1. Yes three books and another on the way!


        1. Congratulations! I’m working on my first one now 🙂

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