What One Person Can Do: The Ripple Effects of Living in Alignment


We all experience moments when one choice changes the trajectory of our lives. For me, such an event occurred on February 6th, 2015. One year ago tomorrow, I was inspired to write the controversial piece “What One Person Can Do To Stand Against ‘Shades of Grey’“. To say that it had a “ripple effect” would be understating the truth. When I shared this article with the world, it made waves…HUGE waves. The views increased exponentially, arriving at 3625 in one day (February 12), with thousands of shares. It received both praise and criticism. To date, the article has gotten almost 18,000 views and 5,500 shares on Facebook. This was the starting line of an amazing and unexpected season, brimming with opportunities to writespeakteach, and connect with others. `And more chances to serve and inspire are on the horizon.

Of greater value than the opportunities this action opened up was the character created in me.  This was a journey of hope, trust, and courage. It expanded my perspective of what was possible. I am stronger, bolder, and more purpose-driven because of this journey. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even if the outward results were disastrous, it would’ve been worth the experience of inward alignment.

Of even greater value than my growth, others found hope and healing because of it all.


This all begs the question: What courageous leap lies ahead for YOU?

The pursuit of a dream?

The battle against an injustice?

The initiative toward an ambitious goal?

The commitment to recover from addiction or trauma?

I am convinced that when we boldly live in alignment with our values, we experience unprecedented possibilities and growth. We cannot predict the outcomes of our actions but our lives are deeply enriched when we stand up and speak up, becoming the change we wish to see on the world (Gandhi).

What can one person do?

You decide.

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-Written by Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C 

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