A Christmas Message to Myself

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I am starting my Christmas day by taking my own advice. I recently wrote about how to have a “Connected Christmas“, seeking to avoid auto-pilot and making the day meaningful. The “secret” I discovered last year was writing and leaving a powerful message to myself. This morning I read the following message to myself via my voicemail, against the backdrop of meaningful music:

Forest, thank you for calling. Remember to have self-compassion today.

Remember who you are

You are Abba’s child.

You are a faithful husband who is committed to connection.

You are a loving Father, committed to modeling faith and trust to your kids. You’ve committed to them that you will seek connection and reject addiction.

You are a husband who promised on your wedding day to pursue your wife, not lust.

You are a leader in the Anti-Porn Movement.

You are a therapist and teacher who represents other professionals and seeks to inspire others who are also fighting alongside you today.

You are not alone.

Play with all your heart today.

Today, your engagement in life and connection to God can be an inspiration to others. I know you will choose self-love today. Focus also on loving your family extravagantly, avoiding selfishness. Take care of your body today, feed it in a way that will give you energy and self-confidence. Protect your mind today and fill it with worthy thoughts. Remember your worthy goals to impact the world for good. Be strong and courageous, looking for divine moments, not slipping into passivity.

Let your vacation be fun, relaxing, and joyful but remember that you are not on vacation from your recovery. May this Christmas be a time of growth and greatness. Remember all the moments your Father has been faithful. With His love and empowerment, you got this!

May we all remain committed to our God and our goals this Christmas season. Wishing all of you a connected and meaningful Christmas!

Forest Benedict

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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message to Myself

  1. Thanks, Forest. A truly positive letter. I posted it on my FB. I haven’t been a committed client of Target or WalMart while they continue to sell 50 shades. I’m with you in this. God bless you and your family this Christmas!

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  2. Merry Christmas, I am glad to see the way God uses your passion to write in so many ways: for personal clarity and compassion, for inspiration and encouragement to others, and for a light on a hill for others to see and wal toward. May God bless you and your 2016. Look forward to our Mens Journey and Greatness group in 2016


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