The Making of My First Book

“There is one thing that every creative process has in common. Before a masterpiece comes into being, first it is exists in somebody’s mind. First and foremost, the artist has a dream, an intention, an inspiration. In the artist’s mind, he sees what he’s going to create before he creates it.” (Daniel Kolenda)

In gratitude and excitement, I want to announce the making of my first book! I have begun the process of transcribing this dream from my heart through my hands and I am committed to seeing this passion-driven project through.


This book is…

An act of creativity

Inspired by love

A gift for the next generation

A dream come true

This book is just as much about what I create as it is about what God will create in me through the experience. May we all live out the creativity that our loving Creator has formed in our hearts, trusting that in the process God will create a masterpiece in us.

God also has a dream for your life and he’s calling to that potential inside of you…”

Forest Benedict

Please follow me on Facebook and this blog for further updates on the book.


26 thoughts on “The Making of My First Book

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