Called into Uncertainty

A book that God has used tremendously throughout the history of my life is called Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin Raphael McManus. I came across some great quotes thing morning that I’d like to share with you:

“He calls us out of comfort into uncertainty. Faith is all about character, trusting in the character of God, being certain in who God is and following Him into the unknown.”

“One of the wonders of uncertainty is that it is an environment in which God invites us to be creative. The journey, which can be described as one from comfort to uncertainty, is intended to be an adventure from calling to creativity.”

“Don’t look for God to fill in all the blanks. Don’t wait for Him to remove all the uncertainty. Realize He may actually increase the uncertainty and leverage all the odds against you, just so that you will know in the end that it wasn’t your gifts but His power through your gifts that fulfilled His purpose for your life.”

“First-dimension faith is not only about trusting the character of God, but also about transforming your character. Much of first-dimension faith is about doing the right thing regardless of the circumstance or consequence. It is about having the faith that God will be with you when you do what’s right.”

 “If everything else remains uncertain, be clear on this point: there is a calling on your life.”

– Seizing Your Divine Moment, Erwin Raphael McManus


3 thoughts on “Called into Uncertainty

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  2. Hi Forest,

    I know it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted, but I just wanted to let you know that even though there are times that I don’t stop to read your e-mails, God knows exactly when we need a word from him, and this morning was that exact time. When I saw your e-mail I sensed God telling me to read it, and what it said was exactly what I needed.

    Thanks for your faithfulness!


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