Becoming Big Dreamers

Last night I was preparing for a community presentation by connecting with God and seeking inspiration. This short video profoundly motivated me. It pumped me up for living in alignment with my dreams….then I went out and did just that. In this video, Erwin McManus shares this challenge:

“What’s the dream burning inside of your soul right now? I fear that so many of us that are followers of Christ have chosen a path that is filled with faithfulness, it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not filled with faith….(Imagine) if we stepped out of this place and got some time alone with God and began to ask God to breathe into us a dream so big it overwhelms us. And we allowed Him to change who we are through that dream. And then began to create in us that world first.”

May we all invest in this kind of God-time today, letting our Maker breathe magnificent dreams into us. Grounded in God’s inspiration, may we move forward with God in the co-creation of something miraculous in this world.

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Forest Benedict


2 thoughts on “Becoming Big Dreamers

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