The Pursuit of Addiction is the Path of Distrust


It is becoming clearer to me that the pursuit of addiction is the path of distrust. In moments of stress or distress, any numbing or self-destructive response is sin because the unspoken, underlying statement is this: “I am unsafe and do not trust that love will be there if I reach out to it”. This is the narrative I have written throughout my life but it is not grounded in reality. Lack of love is an illusion. God and several dear others have shown themselves faithful. Will I walk in faith today, trusting that no need must go unmet and no pain must go un-comforted because  love in abundance is available in any given moment? Today, may I have the “heroic courage to trust in the love of God no matter what happens” to me. This is true recovery. This is my life’s path.

Forest Benedict

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