Not About Guns, But Grief

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I love a good gun debate. When reports of violence ripple across this world, I am often eager to announce my opinions to my Facebook friends. And I thrive on the ensuing, escalating arguments, though nobody concedes or converts.

Yet, as I sit in the stillness with my Savior, he gently guides me to different response. I see that dashing into debate has the strong stench of sin. These were human lives lost. Knowing my Father’s heart, I imagine many tears spilling down his divine cheeks, as he quietly sits with the families and friends torn by this tragedy.

For the first time, I consider the countless children, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, and others whose safety was shattered on that dark day. I wonder how I, as a recipient of this ravaging news, can return comfort to this community. I will prayerfully ponder this.

I imagine that traumatized town receiving truck loads of letters offering messages of condolence. Or the college Facebook page flooded with endless notes of encouragement. I could seek out the victims in their pain or reach out the shooter’s family in their shame. Almost effortlessly, I could trade time in wasteful debate for any effort that responds with respect and reverence.

May those of us who know of and experience Christ’s love separate ourselves from the numbness and noise surrounding those suffering. May we connect with God’s sorrow with those grieving and for a world that has lost its way.

Father, connect us with your care and compassion. Teach us to mourn with those who mourn.

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2 thoughts on “Not About Guns, But Grief

  1. Our Vice President understood this – his comments were heartfelt and respectful of the families who lost loved ones. I wish our President’s response had been healing as well, rather than divisive.


    1. Thanks for sharing Ron. It is a very divisive issue.


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