This Personal, Purposeful Path

This morning as I sat with my Daddy and my journal, I felt moved to thumb through pages penned in the past, looking for scriptures gifted to me long ago. I found an entry from 5 years ago. After graduation, I had applied for a job in another city, in pursuit of my dream to work with those impacted by sexual addiction. In this entry I noted how I had heard back from them and it was a “closed door”. Reading this, I was struck by the verse I wrote on that day. It was Isaiah 45:13:

“I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts.”

While I did not know where the path or the Shepherd were leading me at that time, now I see clearly that he was divinely directing me. He kept me here in Fresno where He has opened doors beyond my imagination. I am writing, teaching, creating, and helping those impacted by sexual addiction, right here.

This morning I sensed him saying to me, “Humbly seek me and doors will open wider, and other, lesser ones, will be closed.”

I am in the midst of a wonderful, purposeful season. I am doing the work I love and gearing up to teach others to do the same. God is using my greatest gift, my writing, to reach out His hands of healing to those who are suffering. And I am sitting here in awe of my Daddy’s love for me and His desire to lead me down paths he dreamed up long before I was born.

I’m grateful for this “glorious unfolding” and for the Giver who is so good to me.

May we all experience meaning, purpose, and connection as we humbly seek to know and be known by the God who dearly, deeply loves us.


Forest Benedict in tomorrow’s Fresno Bee (and online)


Great news! The Fresno Bee is publishing another article by Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP! It is our hope that this article brings hope to many who are secretly struggling (both addicts and partners). To see the Fresno Bee article online click here: Forest Benedict: When Sex Secrets Surface.  The article is based on Forest’s popular post entitled Dear Mr Dugger: When Sexual Secrets Surface, which recently received over 700 Facebook shares and over 2,600 views. Look for the published article in the Fresno Bee tomorrow (September 5). This article is another step forward in caring for those impacted by sexual addiction, both locally and worldwide. Please help us spread the news that recovery is possible by sharing this insightful article with others. Also, please thank the Fresno Bee for addressing this important topic in the “comments” section (as well as by driving traffic to the article).

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