Dear Mr Duggar: When Sexual Secrets Surface

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“But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known” Luke 12:2

Today I finished and posted an article aimed at addressing sexual addiction in the news, providing hope for Josh Duggar, those impacted by the Ashley Madison hack, and others who continue to silently struggle. I believe the world would benefit from this timely message and appreciate any efforts my readers make in helping spread this link throughout Facebook and in your other networks:

Click here – Dear Mr Duggar: When Secrets Surface



2 thoughts on “Dear Mr Duggar: When Sexual Secrets Surface

  1. Hi Forest, What a great post; really appreciate your ability to speak to this from experience. This whole Ashley Madison thing has exposed “us” for where we’re at as a culture. I try to speak to the issue from the point of view of “identity” – and that our true identity is found redeemed in Christ.
    Grace to you, rusty.


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