Dear Mr Duggar: When Sexual Secrets Surface

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“But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known” Luke 12:2

Today I finished and posted an article aimed at addressing sexual addiction in the news, providing hope for Josh Duggar, those impacted by the Ashley Madison hack, and others who continue to silently struggle. I believe the world would benefit from this timely message and appreciate any efforts my readers make in helping spread this link throughout Facebook and in your other networks:

Click here – Dear Mr Duggar: When Secrets Surface




The loudest voice

A great example of what it means to be light and love in this world….

beyond the mundane

There is a good chance that I may not know your story…or know the details of your life, what you believe, behaviors you have whether public or private, or the things that have shaped you to be who you are today. I believe life should be lived intentionally and with great purpose. I believe that because of my faith. I also believe that some people can become seriously and painfully misguided by their beliefs.

This is one of those stories.

You see, last weekend I was in Dallas to go to another sexpo. Porn convention. Adult show. Name it what you will, I was there. Arriving in Dallas, I already knew the weekend would be different. It already was. My very arrival was contingent on the spontaneous road trip that I took with strangers I met at Houston airport. The city seemed quite when I arrived at nearly midnight…

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Jesus Clears the Temple: Matthew 21:12

This profound poem was shared with me today by another Seeker. I am honored to share it with those looking for deeper spiritual growth and intimacy.

Curriculum of the Spiritual Life

Don’t stop with the cheat at the table
or the liar standing in the way;

Just like You upset the advantaged few
or the in-on-it many;

Come and clear out the orgy in me,
Your house of prayer.

“Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” 1

Extricate the tentacles of false delights,
Extract the poison of false passions,
Extinguish the heat of false fires.

No. Don’t stop now.

Just like You hovered over the chaos
in primordial times;

Make this moment an eternal one
and make it holy unto Yourself.

“Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Inspire life into those dormant reaches,
Impute rightness to the wrong turns,
Inject the joy of restored relationships.

Or, is it too late to ask forgiveness,
yet again and again?

To sonar Your fathomless mercy,
To sound out in a terrible wilderness,
To echo deep…

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Calling for Comfort

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The signs all point the same direction this week. They show me that below my skin’s surface there is suffering. It is bewildering to see the great lengths I can go to distract myself, staying too busy to feel. It’s no wonder that as I sit in a state of self-neglect, I feel alone.

Yet, in this place, I have finally surrendered, reaching out for love. Father, I find You reaching back to me. You remind me that you are the One who turns to me, hearing my cry (Psalm 40:1). Today you wrapped your response in human flesh. Thank you for the call that reawakened my emotions, leaving me comforted.

Why do I avoid these experiences, spilling so many hours running from what’s inside?

Again, I find that never is time spent tending to my wounds wasted.

R-Rated Prayers: Going Deeper with God

“Religion will kill you.

And religion will make you a judgmental person.

Religion will alienate you from people.

Religion will make God a stranger to you.

If you’re going to be intimate with God it requires time and it requires transparency.

You’ve got to pray some R-rated prayers.

You’ve got to learn to pour out your heart.

You’ve got to quit being so polite.

God doesn’t want you to be polite.

He sent His son to die for you so that you could have intimacy with Him. How dishonoring is it to keep him at arms length and to be respectful but not intimate, when he’s paid such a high price….
He will not and cannot force [intimacy].

He will simply stand at the door and knock.”
-Andy Stanley on “Intimacy with God”


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Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP-C